Poly Convection Tubing

Convection Tubing
Poly Tubing
Greenhouse ventilation

For greenhouse growers, our Ultra Violet Stabilized Tubing has been the standard of the trade. It is available in both 4 and 6 mil polyethylene. It has high clarity and is made with a special blend of additives including UV inhibitors to reduce sun degradation. It is FDA approved. These tubes are guaranteed for 1 year but should last 2 seasons if handled correctly.

Product Qualities

  • Easy to install
  • Uniform dispersion of heat or cool air   
  • Provides gentle, steady streams of air 
  • Promotes healthier air mix
  • Eliminates stale air pockets
  • Reduces humidity


  • Greenhouses - Overhead and Under Bench Ventilation
  • Mushroom Houses
  • Stock Farm Buildings
  • Factories
  • Warehouses

Product Configurations


Available Sizes

  • Tubing Diameter: 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24", 25", 30" and 37"
    • We stock all sizes in 4 mil. We stock 18", 24" and 30" 6 mil. Please inquire about additional guages. Most stock sizes ship within one week.
  • Hole Sizes: .5", 1", 1.5", 1.86", 2", 2.15", 2.26", 2.38", 2.5", 2.63", 2.76", 2.90", and 3" 
  • Hole Configurations: 4/8 (standard), 5/7 for heating, 3/9 for Maximum Lateral Air flow, Multi-directional, Single Direction (directional flow)


  • Single Direction
    • The most widely used system for heating and ventilation. Tubing is punched to your specifications to suit all known fan systems. With our many available hole sizes, we can fill a widely diversified range of punching and spacing requirements. Both hole size and spacing are arranged to suit your personal needs; such as proper air displacement for the length of your building. Hole positions are also placed according to your needs so that air flow can be directed to where it is most needed. By providing the length of your building, we can customize a tube to meet your specific needs.
  • Multi-Direction 
    • Badgerland Ventilation developed a uniquely staggered hole pattern that improves circulation and ventilation throughout your structure. This Multiple Staggered hole pattern creates greater turbulence and increases air flow. This type of punching results in better air mix by distributing the air in several directions at one time. With increased velocity, our Multiple Staggered Punching is more energy efficient.   

Tubing Support


Sus-hoops (Tube Hangars)

  • Sus-hoops are made of an extremely strong, tear resistant woven reinforced polyethylene. We recommend using these straps in an effort to avoid puncturing for the tubing. They should outlast the tubing and are reusable. Sus-hoops are available as an accessory with the tubing for a minimal charge. We supply 12 each for every 100 feet of tubing. They are also available in bulk sizes. Please specify diameter of tubing for the correct size Sus-hoops.
  • Directions for using Sus-hoops: 
    • Place the first Sus-hoop adjacent to the fan at least 10 feet away from the fan. 
    • Each Sus-hoop thereafter should be spaced not closer than 8 feet apart. 
    • 12 Sus-hoops should be used for every 100 feet of tubing. 
    • You will receive interlocking straps to connect the Sus-hoops to a supporting wire along the length of the tube. 

    Additional accessories also available including tube mounting clamps and duct support kits.