Poly Patch Tape


Our clear-polyethylene tape is designed for protective sealing, splicing, seaming and patching applications where a highly conformable and optically clear material is required. Poly Patch tape is made from a highly UV stabilized 6 1/2 mil polyethylene film with a UV stabilized adhesive

Product Qualities

  • Combines the properties of polyethylene film and acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive 
  • Low density 
  • Chemically resistant 
  • Outstanding moisture barrier properties 
  • Yields a permanent bond with virtually no edge bleed-out 
  • Long term aging stability without yellowing 
  • Solid plastic cores 
  • Self wound, no release liner


  • Patching any polyethylene rips and tears for both inside and outside. 
  • Reinforce greenhouse covering that is subjected to stress (i.e. inflation blowers direct pressure against plastic) 
  • Reinforce plastic at any sharp edges. 
  • Temporarily repairing cracks or breaks in polycarbonate or fiberglass coverings.

Available sizes

  • 2" X 108' 
  • 4" X108' 
  • 2" X 54' 
  • 4" X 54' 
  • 6" X 54' 
  • 10" X 54'